Last Updated on 28th July 2008


I’ve loved and supported the many decisions both P. Diddy and Jay-Z have made in their respective careers as musicians, entertainers, and business moguls, but the buck stops here! Word just in from US Weekly is that these two coveted gentlemen are known to get Brazilian waxes down below and I’m…well, at a loss for words.

Neither Jay-Z nor P. Diddy are vying for adult film careers or looking to become professional bodybuilders or swimsuit models (their both past their prime in that department if you ask me), so I’m perplexed at their respective moves to go “barenaked ladies” down there.

Although these two took Outkast’s “So Fresh, So Clean” jingle to new extremes, keeping our nether regions in shapely conditions is a grooming issue that all men should be hip to. For those of us unfamiliar with what a Brazilian wax is, the procedure involves the complete removal of all pubic hair! Yes, it’s definitely an eyebrow raiser and a hefty pocket pinching way in tending to ones’ pubic hair.

My ambivalence, however, towards Jay-Z, P. Diddy and their Brazilian waxing escapades stems not from the velvety finish the wax leaves your scrotum in, but more so from the agonizing pain that comes from waxing, the costly price-tag, and last but not least the awkward setting it places a man in. Most waxing salons are swarming with ladies so the question is, can you handle the questionable stares from female patrons?

Personally, I would opt for other proven methods of deforesting ones’ nether regions before venturing into the jungles of Brazilian waxing.

Shaving with a razor is a proverbial method that can achieve that hygienic, baby smooth finish, but be warned that razor burns, rashes, ingrown hairs, and a constant bed of thick, coarse regrowth is your expected return from time to time.

A foolproof method of maintaining a trim, tall (well an aesthetically pleasing length, but you get my drift), and terrific appearance down there is to reach for an electric trimmer. Rather than ducking behind corners to check in for that Brazilian wax appointment you booked, stop by the beauty section in any department store, pick up an electric trimmer and avoid a heap of embarrassment. What’s more, a trim job is easier to maintain and affords a level playing field to the length of your pubic hairs.

As I come to a close, I’m realizing that, hey, if you want to be like Jay-Z and P. Diddy and dole out generous sums of money for a Brazilian wax, then to each is own because things of this nature all boil down to personal preference. But do be mindful that we are bracing for a possible economic downturn so defraying the cost of grooming something as trivial as one’s pubic hair can only do you good.

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