Last Updated on 30th July 2008


As the photos from Sean John’s AW08 underwear campaign came to light, it’s quite evident that P. Diddy didn’t take any cues from the success of Armani’s underwear ad campaign. Sean John tapped hip hop artist, Nelly, to be the spokesmodel which is not half bad because the bloke is as chiseled as David Beckham. The drawback though is the artistic direction of the ad campaign (shot by Randee St. Nicholas).

Sorry Diddy, but for an underwear ad, I frankly don’t go away feeling inclined to purchase what Nelly has on. I’m literally baffled as to whom (if anybody) Sean John is trying to market “what looks to be” the boxer briefs straddling Nelly’s frame.

All is not lost though; there are positives. A composed and somewhat pensive Nelly calmly wades in a pebble rock pool while the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles hangs over his shoulder—very picturesque. However, amidst the modernist pool décor and abode, Nelly and his sagged jeans truly look like a blot on the landscape!

Gone are the Ali G days of drooping ones pants to show off the Tommy Hilfiger insignia plastered on your knickers. And this revived Jim Jones-inspired fad of hanging one’s pants to show ones boxers and buttocks is definitely not a pleaser and something I would not expect from Sean John. But I stand mistaken.

The take home message: purposeful wilting of one’s pants to reveal your underwear is not the least bit appealing and I thought Sean John would know better. For a first time glimpse into Sean John’s Fall 2008 collection, it was a major let down and left me without an adequate teaser to get me enthused or excited for what’s to come. So on that note, until I lay my eyes on the rest of the photos (yes, there’s more to come; hopefully their better than this), I’ll continue to root for Armani and David Beckham.

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