Elliot Rhodes 08

Belts are such dignity savers. Unsightly love handle hangover? Buy a belt. A slightly dowdy one-colour ensemble? Buy a belt. Wearing a vintage dress that isn’t exactly the right size and needs a bit of definition? Buy a belt.

They pretty much come in every shape and size now: Wide elastic belts that do wonders for the hourglass figure, tiny little strap belts that do absolutely nothing helpful as far as I can make out (but do look good with a polo neck dress) and the hip hugging belt de reguire loved by men and women the world over.

Elliot Rhodes is the king of belts. The first flagship store opened in 2004 on Long Acre (Covent Garden, London) and earlier this year was joined by a new store on the Kings Road. The belts are all custom made – often what you’re buying is a one off and all are limited edition. The belts are made using a unique interchangeable system so that you can swap the buckles or straps as often as you wish.

Elliot Rhodes 08

It’s certainly pricey, but the quality of these designs are definitely worth it. The selection featured (above) are all either new straps or new buckles made for this season costing upward of £700. The yellow belt is part of a ‘jewelry’ hand made edition, the buckle is made of citrine and set in silver costing £420.

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