Last Updated on 19th October 2013


Trust Victoria Beckham to steal the limelight this fashion week. The first lady of impractical clothing debuted a new cropped haircut along with her capsule dress collection. Consisting of just 10 dresses the line has clearly been influenced by Roland Mouret , from what we’ve seen the pieces are fitted, well cut and simple.


They’re also incredibly wearable so in theory they should sell. If they don’t, we can only put that down to one of two reasons,

1. The price tag (expect to pay between £650 and £1,900 (approx $1145 and $3350)

2. The fact that they’re made by Victoria Beckham

The collection launches next February with only 400 pieces available.

According to Victoria, she was never going to be the world’s best singer, but she hopes she can be a good designer.


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