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So, it’s less than a week until Wimbledon 2009 draws to a close. Memorable moment’s so far? Last year’s Men’s Single’s winner, Nadal, having to take a step back due to an on-going knee injury; Murray and Wawrinka battling it out in the first Wimbledon ‘night-time’ tournament – complete with Centre Court roof, and of course Wimbledon fashion.

Last week Maria Sharapova caused quite a stir when she stepped out onto court donning a crisp white, military-inspired jacket, while Venus Williams opted for the very un-summery trench coat. But it was Roger Federer’s outfit that really got the crowds talking.

Stepping out in a pristine utility jacket complete with his signature white & gold detailing, Federer greeted the crowd, carrying his white and gold kit bag and keeping his floppy hair out of his face with a – white and gold of course – headband.

The dapper sportsman is no stranger to fashion statements on court. Last year he stepped out in my personal favourite: his very own ‘RF’ embroidered, 20s style cardigan, complete with 5 buttons down the front. That’s one button for every one of his Men’s Single’s titles!


Perhaps Federer got too much stick for his Cardigan. His 2009 jacket is vaguely reminiscent of his 2007 Wimbledon attire,  if a much more updated version.

The jacket however, did not stay on for too long, as he stripped off to reveal a rather dashing waistcoat to warm up in!

Federer clearly takes his courtside fashion seriously, (Or at least, his sponsors do!) and why not. The white theme of Wimbledon allows the pros to play around with the designs of their  ensembles, and it helps when they have Federer’s tennis skills to be able to carry them off! And let’s face it, Federer must really be laughing. These fashion stunts surely  mean that the sales of his own clothing line with Nike are going through the roof!

Not to mention the money he’ll be receiving from his other endorsements …

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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  2. Scarlet Pimpernel

    And so with the right clothes – he has the right game. Congratulations Roger: 2009 Wimbledon Men’s Champion ! Hip hip …hurray ! Happy 4th Andy Roddick 😉

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