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Shopping for that all-new winter wardrobe can be difficult and time consuming, especially when there are so many different variations in style on offer these days. Luckily for us, the brains behind brand new website – Style Compare – have gone and made life that bit easier for us.

Much like any other comparison website that we often see advertised (we’re thinking of those persistent meerkats), Style Compare collates a range of products under one roof, making shopping an easier job for the customer. In this case, the website offers over 600 labels from favourite brands such as All Saints, Ted Baker and Miss Selfridge and we’re sure that we’ll be seeing more as Style Compare expands. 

Searching for your desired product is simple due to the numerous headings, top searches and selection filters, and you can also keep up to date on Style Compare’s latest additions via Twitter, Facebook. Those techno wizz’s have certainly got their finger on the online media pulse…

With such a range of styles to browse within numerous categories, debating over current trends has never been so easy. Boots or courts?  Trench or Parka? Skinny or Boyfriend?

Hmm That last one is tricky isn’t it? Jeans shopping is possibly the most strenuous kind of all. We all want at least one pair of jeans for the winter, but choosing the right pair is made so increasingly difficult with the broad range made available.

Skinny jeans tend to look great on tall women but can also suit the legs of shorter ladies when worn with stacked heels. Whether they’re tucked into boots or worn with pumps, skinny jeans won’t go dragging in any murky puddles which is always a bonus! Despite their versatility however, this trend doesn’t suit all shapes and can draw attention to the hips and bum due to the clinginess of the style.

Boyfriend jeans on the other hand, are more comfortable to wear and can cover up a multitude of insecurities unlike the sometimes unforgiving skinny. That said, boyfriend jeans worn as part a casual ensemble can also swamp you and it is sometimes difficult to pull off the baggy, boyfriend look with heels as it tends to take away from the intended look.

If we had to choose a style right now… we think we’d go with the skinny, purely for the heel factor. Then again, we might just carry on browsing with Style Compare to arrive at an informed decision…

What are your thoughts on the all-important skinny/boyfriend debate?

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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