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Our greatest British export Cheryl Cole touched down in America last week, ready to start auditions as a judge on the US X Factor. We waited with baited breath to see what the gorgeous Geordie would don for her first day of her new job but our hearts sank when we first saw these photos of her in LA.

OK, what’s right with it? The colours are beautiful. The orange and violet mix of her Oscar de la Renta frilled top and DVF flares work perfectly with her enviously olive skin, and the turquoise belt makes her waist look tiny. 

She’s also hit the nail on the head with no fussy jewellery or accessories – with colours that bright, she’s letting them do the talking.

But what’s wrong with it? Cheryl has broken the one rule of wearing flares – the length. If they’re too long, like hers, you’re left looking like you have no feet, which is weird on all kinds of levels (and rather disappointingly we can’t see what shoes she chose).

But the real disappointment was the hair. Cheryl had completely overdone it on the backcombing and hairspray, making her usually flawless locks look more like Dolly Parton’s over-the-top barnet.

Let’s just hope Chez brushes out that Elnett and finds a tailor pronto…
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This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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