Kate Middleton, her grandmother-in-law The Queen and her step-mother in law Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall (phew), embarked on a trip to Fortnum & Mason yesterday, to tour the department store’s restaurant that has been renamed ‘The Diamond Jubilee Tea Station ‘in honour of Her Magesty’s 60th year on the throne. 

Kate, as usual, looked beautiful, however her M Missoni coat has raised a few eyebrows, as the Duchess of Cambridge opted to wear an Italian designer as opposed to a British one to the big event. Her footwear made up for it though, as she stepped out in very British Rupert Sanderson heels. Crisis averted!

Although we can ‘t see Kate’s dress underneath, it’s believed that she wore the blue Zara dress that she famously wore the day after her wedding!

And don’t you love how all their outfits complemented each other? These ladies must have discussed their wardrobe choices before the big event– that colour coordination can’t be a coincidence.

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