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Another Wednesday, another breathtaking fashion catch; if embellishment heaven existed, it would look like James Long’s Fully Encrusted Tee Dress.

Having focused the Spotlight On James Long earlier this week, we’ve totally fallen for the Fully Encrusted Tee Dress, fresh from the clutches of his remarkable spring/summer 2012 collection. It really is an awe-inspiring piece and simply had us staring all day when we first set eyes on it!

The noisily embroidered dress is adorned in a sea of various sized sequins forming intricate patterns, and will form a part of your ‘forever’ wardrobe. Often ‘investment pieces’ are talked about; well the Fully Encrusted Tee Dress is investment piece personified.

Opulent and exaggerated embellishments were key at this season’s spring shows, ranging from stunning floral appliqué at Dolce & Gabbana to dazzling rhinestone embellishments at Prada.

Even if at first sight the Tee Dress  may appear a tad uncomfortable to slip in to, it is one of those gasp-inducing elements of fashion that makes us grateful for working in it! Embellishment galore means teaming the Tee dress with nothing other than a smile of conviction and you’re good to go!

For a luxuriously extrovert dose of fashion from a designer who has the fashion circuit in a we-need-to-snap-this-guy-up-fast tizzy, shop the James Long’s Fully Encrusted Tee Dress, £3,375, at LN-CC.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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