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Zuhair Murad dressing Jennifer Lopez for her upcoming tour is a match made in heaven. 

The Latina always looks like a true goddess whenever she steps out in his designs (she rocked two of his gowns at the Oscars this year, don’t forget!), so it makes sense that she put her faith in him to make her shine on stage.

Zuhair Murad will be responsible for five of Jennifer’s costumes, two of which you can see sketches of above. We love the fiery red colour palette – perfect for making a bold statement, wowing the crowd and complementing Jennifer’s glistening bronzed skin.

“Each section is inspired by its own look and feel based on her song selection and choreography – I wanted to make sure each look not only reflected but actually enhanced the feel of each section, so that her costumes would give even more life to her music,” the designer said. “Much of my inspiration came from Paris during the Mistinguett Years, when costumes were as much of a part of the show as the dancers and the movement.”

We predict that the first gown is totally going to be getting the wind machine treatment; you just mark our words…


This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.

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