Last Updated on 6th September 2012

After a long battle with the courts – and initially losing – it appears that Christian Louboutin has finally won his court case which enables him to stop YSL and any other brand from using his signature red soles in its shoes. See kids, perseverance really does pay off!

“We are extremely pleased and gratified that the Appellate Court found our key arguments to be correct: first that colour can and does serve as a trademark in the fashion industry, and that Christian Louboutin’s world famous Red Sole trademark is valid, protectable and enforceable,” Christian Louboutin said in a statement.

“As we have said throughout these proceedings and we reiterate now, especially in the light of this decision, we will continue to take all steps available to protect our trademark.”

If we understand all the jargon correctly, we think the only time a brand can get away with using a red sole is if the shoe is red in its entirety. And if you cast your minds back to when this whole court drama began, will remember that YSL’s all-red shoe was what promoted the legal action in the first place… so it’s kind of tricky to see whether this has been a full-on victory for Christian Louboutin or not!

Still, we bet Hedi Slimane is glad this is all over (for now!) so he can focus on his first official show for Yves Saint Laurent. Do you think the right decision was made? Are you team Louboutin or Team YSL?

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