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This is quite possibly the most bizarre thing we have heard in weeks…

Apparently Martha Stewart isn’t so keen on the red soles on her Christian Louboutin shoes (that’s signature red soles may we add… the red soles which the team have fought very hard in court to protect) and instead chooses to paint over them. With black paint. Surely that’s a bit sacrilegious, no?

We’ve seen Birkins and Louboutins being burnt for art courtesy of Tyler Shields, but this is definitely new territory.

“I don’t like them red, even though they’re his trademark,” Martha told InStyle. “He doesn’t mind. He said it’s okay if I do that – I asked him!’

Aww, that’s quite sweet of him to give her his blessing! Would you invest in a pricey pair of Loubis just to paint over them? Let us know your thoughts!

(By the way, these probably aren’t the Louboutins Martha has, but we’ve been lusting after them for quite a while so if anyone would like to talk us out of spending our rent money on them, please feel free because we’re not sure how much longer we can stay strong-willed for. Thank you!)

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.

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