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Anyone even remotely familiar with the Louis Vuitton brand knows that it’s synonymous with the padlock, and now the French fashion House is taking its love for the iconic charm one step further by introducing an exquisite new range of jewellery known as The Lockit Collection. The range comprises of pendants, rings and bracelets – each piece just as breathtaking as the last.

“Originally a practical object, [the padlock] has become an ornament on the rings in the collection, whose large designs evoke a half-opened trunk, from the lock to the hinge,” reads the press release.

“On the bracelets, for which it serves as a clasp, the padlock becomes an ultimate step of attachment, cuffing the beloved’s wrist, like the couples who proclaim their love on bridges around the world. ?The token of an indestructible bond fashioned in rose, yellow or white gold, it becomes, however, a symbol of freedom when it is worn as a pendant, swaying along a chain next to a set of keys, like love that has broken free of convention.”

Should you wish to snap up a piece for yourself or leave some hints for someone else to treat you to an item, you can do so from January 2013. Gorgeous pieces aren’t they? 

Images c/o Louis Vuitton

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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