It’s no secret that accessorizing isn’t thought of as being a lad’s cup of tea but we say that’s a load of rubbish and a tad old school in our humble opinion. Now while there’s no real science behind choosing the right accessories for an outfit – there are a couple of things we think you should note.

1. Less is always more and don’t let anyone tell you any different. Avoid wearing a necklace, bracelet AND ring. Instead opt for just one item of jewellery with your outfit.

2. Whether you’re playful, contemporary or classic with your clothing, go for pieces that also reflect your personality. You’ll feel more comfortable and it’ll make shopping for accessories a hell of a lot easier.

Now with those quick style tips out of the way, may we suggest our favourite items of jewellery from Stephen Einhorn. Top quality, handcrafted and with a great collection of pieces in various precious metals including white gold, sterling silver, titanium and palladium you’d be hard pushed not to find something to suit your aesthetic.

For those who prefer chunky designs make a statement in the silver boss ring. More contemporary enthusiasts might appreciate the Liquid block pendant necklace or for something a little different try the double strand wrist bracelet

Who said accessorizing was a woman’s game eh? Worn correctly accessories aside from a just a plain old watch can be a great addition to an outfit.

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