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If we’ve got our dates right, then we’ve all got about five months to get our bikini bodies whipped into shape. The weeks following the festive period are always a struggle, and it’s difficult to imagine ever feeling fabulous on the sandy beaches when you’re feeling frumpy and a bit a blue. That said, start to make some changes now and you’ll see a big difference when it’s time to don that bikini and strut your stuff in the sun. We’ve put together some simple tips, designed to help you achieve the body you want, without the danger of crash diets and exhausting exercise regimes.

Take a look at our three D’s below;


We’re sure we’re not the only one who can admit that they’ve tried (and failed) their fair share of crazy fad diets. Cabbage soup, maple syrup – even baby food – we’ve tried them all!

These sorts of eating plans might have fast results, but their ability to put your body into starvation mode means that when you start eating again, your body immediately stores it as fat, as it doesn’t know whether it’s going to be starved again.

Take a look at this example from the Daily Mail, created by nutritionist Yinka Thomas, which claims to give you a perfect beach body in just three weeks. Starting your preparations early means that you can give yourself extra time to achieve the goals you want; instead of dramatically altering your diet (the surest way to fall of the bandwagon), why not use this as your inspiration for a new healthy eating regime?


When you hear the words ‘maple syrup’, don’t balk in fear that we’re suggesting you embark on the maple syrup diet! This might be a quick way to lose weight (it stands to reason when you’re existing on water alone), but once you start to eat properly, anything you’ve lost will pile back on.

However, these so-called diets are in fact a great way to detox your system, as you embark on a new healthy eating programme. The lemon detox hamper available from Slimming Solutions flushes your system of waste and toxins and could speed up your metabolism, making it the perfect accompaniment to healthy eating and exercise.

Why not combine this with another innovative detox method, favoured by celebrities and fashionistas the world over? Dry skin brushing opens the pores of your skin, buffing away dead cells and increasing circulation – so it’s the perfect way to achieve silky skin for the summer. It’s also credited with helping your body to flush out nasty toxins, making it a helping hand for your detox. Take a look at this useful article from the Huffington Post, which tells you everything you need to know about skin brushing and the ways it could benefit your body.


Not a fan of spinning or slogging it out on the treadmill? If you’re feeling uninspired by your usual workout, why not consider jazzing things up by making dance the centrepiece of your exercise regime? Whether you feel more comfortable with the thumping, rave-style music of a Bodyfit session or the Latin tunes of a fast-paced Zumba class, dancing is the perfect way to enjoy yourself as you get fit. The combination of exercise and music releases endorphins in your brain (not unlike those produced when we munch on chocolate) leaving you feeling flushed, happy and desperate for more.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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