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quit smokingOn January 1st you made a resolution to quit smoking. But, nearly 2 months on and you’re yet to kick the habit. Sound familiar? If you find yourself answering with a resounding yes, worry not, ’cause you’re certainly not alone. Approximately 30 – 40% of people try to give up smoking every year. But as we all know quitting any addiction is far from easy. However with a little determination and the implementation of a few important lifestyle changes, it certainly isn’t impossible. So, are you ready to ditch the ciggies for good? If so, here’s some top tips to get you on the right track.

Void of the health implications, as well as the awful lingering smell of a traditional cigarette, switching to vaping or smoking an e-cigarette is a great way to wean yourself off nicotine. Available online and in supermarkets, while vape devices aren’t sold as an aid for those who wish to quit smoking, statistics show that more than half of vapers in the UK have successfully given up for good.

Keep active
Ever wanted to take up a new physical activity? Now’s the time to do so. Exercising not only reduces stress which is essential when trying to fend off nicotine cravings but it’ll also keep you busy too, which in turn helps with taking one’s mind off those annoying withdrawal symptoms. Whether it’s jogging, swimming or gardening, get active. Even just 10 minutes exercise a day is proven to be extremely worthwhile.

Use money as a motivation
Smoking like drinking can leave a major dent in the wallet, especially after a heavy night out. Each week, put aside exactly how much you’d usually spending on cigarettes. After a 6 month milestone, use your savings to treat yourself to something nice! A pair of killer heels perhaps? Or maybe that Michael Kors watch you’ve been lusting after? Whatever you decide to spend your savings on, make sure it’s something you really want in order to stay motivated on your journey to better health.

Avoid skipping meals & ditch sugar
Alright, staying well clear of sugar is a tad difficult, we can admit that. But like skipping meals, a sugar overdose results in your blood sugar levels spiking rapidly and then shooting right back down again. Why is this so terrible? Well, it only serves to increase your tobacco cravings. Use this opportunity to alter your diet, swapping your regular lunchtime Mars bar for a bowl of fruit and some yoghurt.

Make a list
And for those bad days when only a cigarette will do? Don’t run to your nearest corner shop. Instead, make a list of all the reasons why you’ve decided to quit and keep it nearby at all times. It’ll keep you focused and back on track in no time.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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