You can’t stay on YouTube for longer than five minutes without running into a celebrity-inspired make-up tutorial, but you don’t often find aforementioned tutorials by the celebs themselves. Hence why we were doubly thrilled to find an Alexa Chung make-up video by none other than Alexa Chung herself. What a wonderful Monday treat!

Make-up artist Lisa Eldridge, who regularly does Alexa’s make-up, has made a video that aims to show us how to get Alexa’s coveted sixties look.

The video features the ladies talking us through Alexa’s make-up from start to finish, tells us what products they use so we can go out and get them ourselves (FYI – they use everything from Chanel to Rimmel to her very own Eyeko range so it’s a real mixed bag, which is exactly what we like to see!) and even shows us how Alexa does her signature feline flick with liquid eyeliner herself.

If only all make-up tutorials were this star-studded!

Watch the video below to see the before and after transformation!

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