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There’s a brand new product on the beauty market currently taking the world by storm – and we have none other than Clinique to thank for it!

Yep, Clinique has released yet another revolutionary product that we don’t know what we did without prior to its launch, and that product goes by the name of Clinique Smart Custom Serum.

The words “smart” and “custom” really are the key there, as the serum understands each person’s individual skin and therefore possesses the powers to read its history and change its appearance – for the better – in the future.

In other words, it’s taken five years of research to ensure that uneven skin tone, age lines and wrinkles will be tackled in the best way possible, all thanks to one affordable fragrance-free serum! And the best thing is that it’s for women of all ages, and all skin types and colours. One size really does fit all in this instance.

To celebrate this revolutionary new serum, Clinique has created a neat little video which promotes smart women, and has enlisted the help of beauty and skincare blogger Caroline Hirons to help it do so.

In the video, Caroline – who is also a qualified facialist so knows about other women’s skin as well as her own – talks about the smartest woman that she knows, describing her as “radiant”, “talented”, “active” and “true to herself” among other great things.

Who is she talking about? Well now that would be telling – you’ll have to watch the campaign video to find out. Enjoy!

Who is the smartest woman that you know?

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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