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Working in a high-paced industry such as fashion can lead to a lot of stress. When people are stressed they are far more likely to abuse substances that are harmful to their overall health and wellbeing. This can lead to decreased job performance and mistakes that can lose them or their employer valuable business opportunities. Here are some tips for combating stress in the fashion industry.

Plan ahead

When someone has a very strict deadline, it can be extremely stressful. This is especially true if there is a lot at stake for the employee or employer. Stress can be reduced by making sure that enough time is allowed for projects to be given the attention they deserve. Most people do not work as well when they are rushed too much. Allow at least a few extra days to wrap up a project. If it is completed early, then that is great. It is good to have time to sort through unforeseen issues.

Make sure that communication lines are open

Employees need to know that they can voice their concerns and thoughts without fear of outright hostility or always being made to feel wrong. When problems are just left alone, it can often lead to greater problems down the road and even resentment. Make sure you check in with each employee if possible and see how they are doing once in a while. If managers don’t have time for this, then they are managing too much.


Be aware of signs of strife

If someone at work is having a hard time, there can be some obvious signs of substance abuse. Workers that are consistently late, confused, or short of temper may have a problem. Approaching a person that is suffering from suspected substance abuse or mental health issues can be intimidating. Make sure you talk to the person in private and assure them that you are concerned about their wellbeing.


Many people will deny they have a problem for fear of losing their job. The most definitive way to know if an employee has a substance abuse problem is through testing. Matrix Diagnostics offers a convenient oral fluid lab test that can let you know for sure. Matrix also offers urine and hair testing. Testing of the hair can give a better idea of substance abuse patterns in an employee’s past. If an employee tests positive, it does not mean that they cannot become a great employee again. If your company health plan covers treatment programs, then make sure they are aware of them.

Create a more comfortable work environment

Fashion can be a demanding profession. It is important that all employees have the support and tools they need for a good work environment. Sometimes it is the little things that matter. Something as simple as revamping a break room or having monthly office parties can go a long way towards creating the type of workspace that people actually look forward to coming to each and every day.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.

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