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It’s that time of the year again when we get the urge to add new seasonal items to our wardrobes in preparation for the change in weather.

For many of us, this also means finding a spare inch of space in our already overflowing closets.

But fear not, below are 7 commandments you should be sticking to in order to make this year’s closet clear-out a success.

1. Set the mood with the right playlist

The right music can impact our productivity, so setting the mood with some background music is a must. For many of us, an overdue closet clear-out may seem like a daunting task that may require some soothing tunes to get you through the ordeal.

On the other hand, you may be quite excited about the prospect of some new wardrobe space but lack the motivation to get started. If this is the case then the situation calls for some golden oldies and guilty pleasures that will lighten your moods and prepare you for the task at hand.

2. Pull everything out

One of the only ways to clearly see just how much clothing you have accumulated since your last ‘spring clean’ is to pull everything out.

This requires an adequate amount of floor space and may seem scary but but keep reminding yourself of the end goal. You may be surprised at some of the older items lurking in the deep, dark depths of your closet.

3. Divide and conquer

Now that all of your precious clothing is splayed all over the bedroom floor, it’s time to divide and conquer. According to personal stylists in Melbourne, organisation is key at this point.

Start making piles and sorting clothing into categories. This is the point where you will truly see what your closet is missing and also certain items you really need to stop purchasing.

We’re not saying that you need to discard every duplicate item, but you just don’t need seven or eight identical t-shirts!

4. Try to follow the “one year rule”

If you have not worn an item for a year, then sadly it’s time to let it go. Now, there are certain exceptions to the rule such as that killer interview outfit that you spent a small fortune on but other than that, try not to keep items that you’re realistically not going to wear in the future.

Whatever the reason, try to be honest with yourself. If it’s unlikely you’ll ever wear it again, discard it – you’ll soon find something else to take its place.

5. Invest in smart storage solutions

A well organised wardrobe is so much easier to work with, so before you go ahead and return the majority of your clothing to its rightful home go out and invest in some organisational items. Items such as slim-line hangers, storage boxes and drawer dividers will make your life a whole lot easier and allow you to make the most of the available space.

6. If in doubt get a second option

If you’re indecisive and know it’s going to be a struggle to streamline your clothing collection then it’s always a good idea to invite a friend along to help. Choosing someone who’s opinion you trust and that will be honest with you about what to keep and what to lose can make the clear-out a lot easier.

7. Discard, Donate and Sell

Sort the clothing you are letting go into three piles, what you’re going to throw, donate or sell. You may find that many of your unwanted items could make you some extra cash or that they could be donated to someone else. Knowing that the clothing you let go is going to someone who will really love or need it makes the process a whole lot easier. Yes there will be some items that have seen better days and are ready for the rubbish bin but for anything that is still useable, it’s always good to either get a return on your investment or donate it to someone less fortunate.

Hopefully the above will make your annual purge more bearable and also a lot more productive. Whats more with all this newly acquired space is you can restock your newly organised closet without feeling totally guilty.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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