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colouring your hair

Over a third of women and about 10% of men colour their hair. This means that millions of people all over the planet have already made the choice you are thinking over right now. However, don’t just ‘jump on the bandwagon’ because so many others are doing it. Peer pressure and thoughts like ‘that guy/girl will like me with that colour’ aren’t good reasons either. This choice will affect your life in several ways, so it’s essential that you make the decision only after considering all pros and cons of colouring your hair.

Colouring Your Hair: The Bad

To get the cons out of the way first, the most important of them is that some hair dyes have been associated with certain health risks. Brunette dyes are the main offenders in this, as says The Daily Mail.

The important thing to know about that study and all other studies of health effects of hair colouring is that they are all limited. There are thousands of hair dyes in the world and over 5,000 chemicals are used in them. Unfortunately, some truly are no good for you. However, modern high-quality products, especially non-permanent ones, are much safer than a great number of everyday things, including drinking water.

Another con of colouring your hair is that you’ll have to invest into regular treatments to maintain that colour. You’ll also need to purchase specialized haircare products. The latter can be overlooked as you’ll need to buy haircare products no matter whether you dye your locks or not. The cost for this specific type isn’t much different.

So, the main question is, do you want to get your hair treated regularly to maintain the colour you enjoy? If yes, this might not even be a con as the pleasure of having the hair you love will outweigh the bit of extra-effort.

And don’t forget that you have a great number of products that can help you make that colour last. For example, there are tinting conditioners and spray-on products for brunette and red dyes, and platinum blondes can slow down the yellowing with a purple shampoo.

Colouring Your Hair: Advantages

The most important pro of colouring your locks is that you get to enjoy the colour. Not all of us are happy with the hair we are born with, and dye fixes that problem within an hour. To the majority of people who do this regularly, this reason alone is enough to outweigh any colouring cons.

These treatments can also be used to maintain your natural colour when your locks start graying. This is the main reason why there are more people over 40 who use dyes. The greatest part of men who colour their hair fall into this category.

Colouring your hair is an excellent method of self-expression that people have used for millennia. Today, as we live in the world of vivid and crazy fashion, colouring your locks is one of the most efficient ways of staying trendy. With the dyes available today, there is no limit to the possibilities you have. The recent trend for ‘galaxy hair’ proves this.

In addition to self-expression, colouring your hair is a powerful symbol of change. This is a big step, but it’s also a constant and very visible reminder of the change both to yourself and the world around you. Don’t forget that even therapy professionals acknowledge the power of changing one’s hairstyle dramatically. Colouring can be an effective substitute or an addition to cutting in this case.

The most important advantage of colouring your hair, however, is that this treatment can make you more beautiful. A clever use of highlights can enhance both your face and haircut. If you choose the right shade, you can also bring out your eyes or make your skin look healthier. But remember, you’ll be able to enjoy these benefits only if you choose the right colours.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.

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