Last Updated on 16th December 2021

People are unique and so are their fragrances.

We rarely reflect on why we have chosen this or that scent for our daily lives. This is going to surprise you, but nothing here happens by accident. It is very likely that your fragrance reflects your personality and gives people much more information than you would expect.

Here we will explore the connection between our choices of perfume and our behaviours, and how this helps us choose perfumes for others.

Psychology suggests that people are driven by four main factors when opting for a scent. Firstly, women usually react to the scent while men are more attracted to the image.

Secondly, women are much more subject to the emotions they experience when smell the perfume. Thirdly, the outer appearance of perfume also matters a lot. Given these psychological factors, now you know why you have chosen that array of Versace perfumes long time ago and cannot stop using them!

What Perfume Tells About Your PersonalityWhen you meet a person for the first time and know nothing about him or her, perfume can serve you a great favor. As studies show, there is a tight link between a personality type and a perfume chosen. Even though these linkages shall not be treated as axiomas, they may help you better understand what this or that person actually represents.

Here is what your perfume says about your personality:
Citrus: people wearing citrus scents usually take on a leading role in group work or at work. They are strong-minded, ambitious, and are rather natural leaders. Citrus scent gives them even more activity and sometimes even proactivity.

Rose: rose lovers are known to be cautious and considerate. They are not indifferent to the needs of others and would always like to help. This rosy record being frequently used in Versace perfume helps you always to think thoroughly before acting and not to regret things later in life.

Lavender: it will not be surprising if somebody of your friends is a lavender lover as these people tend to be in the center of attention and are very good at making friends. These people are devoted, trustworthy and can easily be counted on.

Vanilla: vanilla fragrance has nothing to do with plain personalities. It happens just the other way round. If you smell of vanilla, you are probably the one to initiate a party or a loud get-together. Such a soft and mild fragrance tends to compensate for people’s social activity.

Sandalwood: wearers of this fragrance tend to be high-achievers and career-oriented people. These people not only expect a lot from others but also criticize themselves a lot. This allows them to reach their own level of excellency and get the feeling of self-worthiness.

Since people are naturally more likely to look to the fragrances they would prefer themselves, this can create a bit of bias at choosing perfumes for others. However, when you know these basic linkages, you are more likely to do a right choice when choosing a fragrance for your friend or a beloved one. If you have decided to surprise them, knowing these characteristics allows you to make a right choice and enjoy the scent which your fellow wears every day.

Buying Perfume Online
Knowledge of the linkages between personalities and types of fragrances allows us to be more mobile at purchasing decisions. Frequently, you do not have to go to the perfume store and smell perfume after perfume until you get a headache. You may simply go to the online store to read all the descriptions and apply appropriate filters like notes or alike scents.

Moreover, online shopping allows us to see the reviews of others to better understand how the perfume is worn. Customers are usually honest when leaving comments on the websites as this is exactly what they expect from other users. If in the offline shop your main advisers will be sales representatives wishing to sell goods in the first place, online shops are rather independent platforms of users who are not especially interested in lying or deceiving others.

All in all, the objective truth is we smell the way we tend to behave. Our personalities often impact our perfume choice and therefore certain linkages may appear. With these linkages in place you may easily understand a person you have never seen before or make a present to the person you know very well. In both occasions, connection between personality and perfume helps you to make the right choice and that is what matters!

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