Last Updated on 16th December 2021

The Egyptians already used scented water to influence their own body odour. And perfumes are still very popular today. With the help of a perfume, you make your own taste clear and reveal part of your personality. In addition, fragrances can attract attention or awaken memories.

However, it is becoming apparent that consumers are increasingly shying away from standard perfumes and are looking for something special. After all, one wants to stand out from the crowd and leave a unique impression. For this reason, niche perfumes are becoming increasingly popular. What is behind the term and what constitutes this type of perfume, we clarify in the following article.

photo from silviarita from pixabay

What is niche perfume?

The adjective “niche” is used to describe marginalized groups. If you now bring the word in connection with perfumes, it becomes clear that fragrances are meant that were not created for the masses. These scents are produced by small companies – such as Essenza Nobile – and are characterized by a very unusual note that is not often found. The aim is to appeal to people who do not go with the flow but like to stand out with something special. 

How are niche perfumes made?

Perfumes usually consist of a series of notes that harmonize with each other: Top, middle, and base. While the selection of the individual ingredients is a highly individual process, the production follows a specific procedure:


The first step in perfume production is extraction. The coveted fragrance must first be pressed to capture the scent notes. Depending on the material, this work is sometimes more, sometimes less demanding.  Solvent extraction is probably the best-known extraction method. For this, the fruit, plant or flower is mixed with benzene or petroleum and put into rotating drums. This produces a thick, wax-like liquid that is enriched with alcohol to allow the oils to escape. Other possibilities are steam distillation, effleurage and maceration. It also turns out that each fragrance is best extracted with a different method.

Finding the perfect blend

Once the oils have been extracted, the next step is to blend them. In the case of non-niche perfumes, an expert will take an in-depth look at the individual fragrances to find the perfect combination.

The finishing touches

As soon as the decision has been made, the mixture must be mixed with alcohol and a small amount of water. This softens the intensity to make the perfume more appealing.  Depending on the mixing ratio, it is then called eau de parfum or eau de toilette.

When the fragrance is ready, the choice of bottle and the design of the label are taken care of. The Niche Perfume team puts as much work into this last step as into the creation of the perfume itself.

What makes a perfume niche?

Niche perfumes are characterized by certain properties:

  • unique fragrances
  • combinations of unique and natural fragrances
  • Perfume producers are detached from restrictions of consumer society
  • Complete transparency of the manufacturing process
  • manufacturing process as an art form
  • limited availability of the perfumes
  • selective customer choice

Is niche better (and more expensive)?

Large companies, brands and celebrities invest large sums of money in marketing the products to make the general public aware of the perfume. In contrast, niche perfumes place less emphasis on advertising and mass distribution. Instead, they concentrate on the manufacturing process and limit production to a few copies. As a result, the perfumes are often more expensive than other fragrances.

The great advantage of niche perfumes is that even a small customer base is enough to finance production. This allows the manufacturers to show more creativity, as they only have to meet the tastes of a select circle. The end results are original, contain expensive ingredients and are made with heart and soul. You get more value for your money.

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