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No one wants to sell their home at a throw-away price. But the continuous slump that is the real estate market nowadays isn’t promising. You have to be very creative to sell your home at a reasonable rate. Homeowners face months and months of waiting for the prospects to identify their properties. While this is unfortunate, you can turn the direction in your favour. Instead of patiently waiting for home prices to shoot up, you can make yours go up with a few steps. Here are five home improvements that are guaranteed to increase your selling price: 

Painting the house 

It is mandatory that you repaint your house, even if you think it’s pretty decent. A prospect will identify even the slightest of inconsistent shades. And you do know that you will be obliged to sell the house at a lower price just because of this reason. Also, make sure you pick the right color as the wrong one can equally mess you up. For better results, you can contact a professional interior décor artist to help you with the colors. It has to be perfect for the buyers to gain interest. 

Improving the basement 

Most houses have a damp basement, which is an instant turn-off to any prospective buyer. Remember, the way you use your basement is not exactly how the other person would want to use his or her basement. Some may convert theirs into a gym, playroom, bedroom or an office. Therefore, you need to make sure that yours is ready for anything a client would want to use it for. A problematic basement can either decrease your profits or ruin the chances you have of selling the home ultimately. 

Things like leaks, accumulation of moisture, and flooding need to be handled with utmost attention, as they can destroy your entire sale. You can DIY using a sealant or a patch. You should prevent the situation early enough before it gets out of hand. Things like the drainage system will cost you a lot if you ignore them. 

Work on your front door 

What does a prospect see first when entering your house? Yes, exactly, it is the door. A poorly maintained or finished door can derail your sale to a great extent. For a person buying a luxurious property, the least they would expect is to have their front door appealing. 

Your entry door alone can give you an ROI of up to 90.7% if you make it attractive. A garage door too, often underrated, can give you a return of up to 76.9% on your investment. Your front door needs to be in touch with the architecture of the house. It should be somewhere between dull and eccentric. Don’t be too unique to ward off prospects by choosing a design that is out of the mainstream choices. You also need to be consistent as the door’s theme should be similar to that of the entire house. No one wants a split inconsistency once they pass your front door. Remember, you don’t have to replace the whole door if it is perfectly fine. You can only make some minor adjustments including painting to make it more appealing. 

Remodel the kitchen 

As much as it is just one room in a bungalow, the kitchen can make or break your deal. Most prospects, especially ladies, are very keen when viewing this room. A majority consider it the heart of a home. Therefore, any updates you make in this room are guaranteed to help you bring the selling price higher. One thing you can do is purchase ready-to-assemble cabinets, which are easy to set up and relatively affordable. They will increase the value of your home and make your kitchen look appealing. Be sure not to go overboard as you do this, as the kitchen shouldn’t be fancier than the other rooms. This will bring inconsistency which is not right. 

Work on the lighting and aeration 

Lighting and aeration go hand in hand. A poorly lit house can cost you in terms of the selling price. Conversely, ventilation is equally vital for a home. Make the windows larger if they are too small to allow proper lighting.

Similarly, this will help to increase the air getting into the house. Besides, you can also increase the vents present in the house to make sure that sufficient aeration is present. It will equally help to get rid of foul smells and any other home odors. 

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This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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