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Shopping online for clothes at cheap prices just makes sense. You can pick up a great outfit for a low cost and not worry too much about your bank balance. Right?

Sadly, as far as finances are concerned, it’s often the smaller spends that add up to huge amounts, leaving gaping holes in our bank balances and us wondering where all our money has gone. Check out this site for financial guidance and debt advice.

Fast fashion is not only bad for our finances, but it’s bad for the environment too. Not only does fast fashion create huge amounts of waste, but it also uses an unprecedented amount of energy, water and non-renewable sources. 

When you choose to save money on your clothes, you’re not only creating a better relationship with your bank balance, but you’re also doing your bit for the planet. Want to know more? Read on for how you can save money on your clothes. 

Get to know a needle and thread

Do you know how to sew on a button? Repair a zip? Or patch a pair of jeans? Getting to grips with a needle and thread can help save you a huge amount of money and stop your minorly damaged clothes from heading to the landfill. You can find the basics online with simple tutorials and even YouTube videos giving step by step instructions on how to bring your clothes back to life. 

Always read the label!

Be honest, how often do you read the washing instructions on your clothes? Do you even know what all the symbols mean? By following the care instructions properly, you’ll help your clothes last longer as well as help them retain their colour and their shape. In short, you won’t need to buy clothes as often.

Check out the other sections 

In some stores, you may find that the more basic items such as sweatpants, t-shirts and hoodies are actually cheaper in the menswear department. Next time you’re browsing, head into the male section and see what you can find, it might surprise you!

Stains aren’t the end

Wish you’d caught that ketchup before it fell from your bacon sandwich? Stubborn stains don’t have to mean the end of the line for our favourite clothes. Always try your luck with a stain remover first! 

Don’t be a sucker for trends

Being trendy isn’t everything. From neon colours to huge handbags, backpacks, faux leather, bizarre prints and crazy accessories – trends come and go, which means they’re not around long enough for you to make the most of your latest clothing investments. Avoiding trends and sticking to the clothes you love means that you’ll always look good and you won’t have a wardrobe full of items you’re hanging onto in case the trend comes round again. 

And finally, only buy clothes with cash

When you’re paying by card, it’s all too easy to slip another top or pair of jeans into your basket. Sadly, these kinds of habits aren’t doing your finances any favours. Save money on clothes by paying in cash only, that way you can’t spend more than what’s in your wallet. 

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.

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