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Winter is creeping up on us fast. Soon we will blink and it will be Christmas. With most of us stuck inside, and the weather getting colder, there is nothing better than putting on a nice pair of ‘trackies’ to snuggle up on the couch.

Of course, traditionally tracksuits, yoga pants, sports bras and the like are traditionally known for their use for exercising. Nowadays, more people are shopping for comfort and fit, and so are turning to athleisure for their daily clothes.

With this trend has come a massive development in the styles and designs of athleisure wear, and even a design challenge on Project Runway dedicated to it! If its good enough for Heidi Klum and Karlie Kloss then its good enough for us.

What is ‘athleisure wear’? 

Athleisure is simply the combination of ‘athletic’ and ‘leisure’. In other words, it is fashionable athletic wear that can be worn day to day. Athleisure wear includes sweatpants, hoodies, gym tanks, tracksuits for women and men, sports bras, trainers, and much more. 

It’s true that the demand for athleisure has soared in the age of COVID-19, with more and more people flocking to online stores to secure the latest and greatest in stylish, comfortable clothes. With nowhere to go but the kitchen, front room, bathroom or bedroom, what else would you wear except the likes of stretchy trousers and a cosy jumper?

What makes it fashionable?

Athleisure bridges the gap between functional active wear, and fashionable clothes made to fit well and be comfortable. And, lets be honest, who doesn’t want to be able to wear the trendiest and most comfortable clothes?

As it is based on active wear, it is often wrinkle-free, stretchy, odour resistant, and more durable. And as more people turn to athleisure for their casual social events, more companies are innovating unique designs to incorporate athleisure wear into the latest trends. 

Among others, Beyonce and Rihanna are pioneering the way for athleisure, posting frequently in their comfy and stylish clothes on social media, and bring bringing athleisure to the masses. An ever growing and developing market, athleisure wear has taken the fashion industry by storm, and shows no sign of slowing down. 

When to wear athleisure 

Turn performance into everyday wear – that’s the athleisure promise. Such items of clothing can be worn and styled with ease no matter what tasks are on your to-do list. From a yoga class to lunch with family, a vigorous gym session to a shopping spree, wear athleisure whenever, for whatever. Not only will you be comfortable, you’ll also look fantastic and be a part of what has taken the fashion industry by storm recently.

Don’t think that it’s just a COVID-19 fad, either. Athleisure is here to stay and we welcome it with opens arms. In fact, did you know that athleisure is a word that’s now in the dictionary? That’s the type of impact that it’s made on the fashion industry. 

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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