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The bedroom is supposed to be a place in which you can rest and relax, kick back and just enjoy some time after work without having to be nagged, stare at a screen or generally feel stressed.

It’s the place where you’ll actually spend a great deal of your time, so you want to ensure that you spend it wisely. If there are two things in life that you should invest money in, it’s your shoes and your bed: you’ll always be in one or the other! Your bedroom cannot be this place of rest if it’s cluttered and untidy, dirty underfoot and underlit.

More than anything, you cannot enjoy time spent in a room that’s overflowing with “stuff”, because you have no proper storage. It doesn’t matter what size your bedroom is, you need to have the right storage to keep everything tidied away and out from under your feet.

You can do this by putting additional storage in your built in wardrobes, or even adding these wardrobes in the first place. Either way, you need to make sure that there is either enough storage for all your possessions or less stuff to fill the space up. You should consider how you currently use your storage space, and how you can improve upon it.

So, with this in mind, we’ve got a list of all of the tips you will need to improve the storage in your bedroom.

  • Under the bed. You have two options here. The space beneath the physical bed is a good place to begin if you want to get things stored away. It is the perfect space to fit rolling narrow boxes which are easy to move in and out of the space. Otherwise, you can invest in a bed that has built-in space within it. Some beds are lifted up to reveal storage space, where others have drawers beneath the divan as the perfect space for storing things that you don’t want cluttering up the bedroom. If you put storage containers under the bed and you don’t want them to be visible, then you can always put a skirt around the base of the bed to act rather as a “curtain” to hide it all from view.

  • Sort through your wardrobe. Your current built in wardrobes may be great for storage, but they are going to be even better if you go through the clothes and shoes in it and thin them down. You’re going to have even more storage when you get rid of what you don’t want or need anymore. Your clothes will take up a lot of space, and while you may not want to get rid of them all, you can always put some of the wardrobe into vacuum bags and store it elsewhere from the bedroom! This will give you room for the in-season clothes of yours and allow you the chance to make the most of the space that you’ve got.

  • Start installing shelves. There is plenty of space that goes unused in the bedroom: the space on your walls. You can do this by installing shelves of different sizes on the walls in the bedrooms and ensure that they blend in with the surroundings. Floating shelves look cleaner and more modern, with styles that will allow you to fit what you want to fit on the walls. You can even paint your shelves to fit your wall spaces and solve your storage issue.

  • Consider magic furniture. Well, it’s known as double-duty furniture, but we prefer to call it magical. Double-duty furniture basically doubles up as doing two jobs in one. So, you can invest in a bed that has storage, or a storage cabinet that also works as a dressing table – you see? Your storage can be hidden in the window seat, too, giving you extra space without having to knock more hidden storage into the space.

  • Use dividers in the drawers. It’s so easy to allow your drawers to become untidy, which then leads to more trouble in finding the right storage options. You can use dividers in the drawers, though, and this will help you to separate everything and keep it all in order and tidier than before. They’re a great thing to help you to find what you need as you need it, and you can make efficient use of the space that you do have.

  • Slim down. Not you – the furniture! You can add space to your room when you opt for slimmer dressers and bookcases as opposed to the usual sizes. You will find a few more places to keep your things when you have this, and it will help you out to ensure that you have more than enough room to store things and move around.

  • Consider containers. Wicker baskets are Instagrammable for a reason: they look beautiful! Small wicker baskets and containers in your home are great for the smaller items that you cannot find a proper home for. It’s important that you make space for your baskets, though, so don’t keep too many in one place. The more you have, the worse the clutter will be.

  • Use the ceiling. Have you ever considered that you can use the ceiling as a place of storage? If you have a dresser or wardrobes that aren’t built in, you can use the tops of these to store your things. You can put things up close to the ceiling and out of the way, and if you have things like stuffed animals, you can even use hanging nets and baskets to store your things.

  • Think about using mirrors. The mirrors won’t be somewhere you store things, but extra storage space can make your bedroom feel smaller and cramped. So, if you choose to add mirrors to the bedroom, you can make the whole space look bigger and more organized. Storage space with mirrors, built in wardrobes with mirrored doors and even mirrors on the walls, you can ensure that your room looks bigger and spacious. Light will bounce into every corner of the room, which is far better for the space!
This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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