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If you go to a clothing store today, you will find many different necklines. And aside from the classic rounded neckline, there’s a high chance you’ll find multiple shirts with a crew neck. While they haven’t always been the most popular neck design for men’s shirts, they are easily one of the most popular options now.

But how did the crew neck become so popular, and when did it happen?

Well, that’s a pretty complicated story that we are more than ready to tell you. In this article, we’ll go through the history and origins of the crew neck to help you learn how this neckline became one of the most popular options today.

We’ll also go through how and when to wear a crew neck properly. That way, you don’t just know the history of the crew neck but you know exactly how to wear one to different events.

What is a Crew Neck?

A crew neck shirt is a top with a rounded neckline. The crew neck differs from other rounded necklines because of how close the top edge of the shirt is to the neck. The crew neck is known for being much tighter and closer to the neck than a typical rounded shirt, which is a major part of its appeal.

Typically, you can find crew necks on pullovers. Crew neck pullovers are some of the most popular fashion items today. However, you will also find many basic tees with a crew neck that do a great job of framing your face and body to help you appear more built.

The Origins of the Crew Neck

The crew neck began as a pullover that athletes (particularly rowers) wore back in the 1930s. Since they were worn by the crew on a boat, they were called crew necks due to their very distinct neckline that differs from the ones you might find on other tops.

While they became very popular as pullovers, these tops were also adopted by the US military and American football teams as an undergarment that can absorb sweat and keep people comfortable. 

But as you might already know, this neckline has grown far past its origins and is now one of the most popular necklines available. So if you receive a black crew neck t-shirt for men as a gift you know where it came from.

How the Crew Neck Grew Into One of the Most Popular Necklines Today

The crew neck was already very popular when it was launched in the 30s as the neckline on the pullovers as rowers. However, when it was adopted by American football teams and the U.S. military, its popularity skyrocketed.

The crew neck pullover truly became an icon when different American football players started wearing them. These shirts were the popular choice for many people back then as the only alternatives were itchy, hot, and uncomfortable jerseys that wouldn’t feel nice when worn.

When Should You Wear a Crew Neck?

The beauty of the crew neck is that it is one of the most flexible necklines available. You can wear a crew neck tee or pullover with any type of outfit. These are very popular athletic and casual tops as they frame the face nicely while also feeling very comfortable. However, you can also dress in a crew neck-up if you want.

So, if you’re looking for a versatile piece of clothing you can basically wear anywhere, and at any time, the crew neck is a great option for you.

To conclude…

Crew necks have been a popular clothing option since they were launched. These clothes are very comfortable, look great, and come in many designs. 

They really skyrocketed in popularity when athletes began wearing them, but nowadays, you can wear them just about anywhere and at any time!

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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