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If you’re like many people, you’ve probably thought about making a smart investment and having a “plan B” in case things go south.

Well, the COVID pandemic showed us all that it’s time to stop thinking and start doing!

Buying a house for investment in Alanya, Turkey could be the

A perfect solution is to buy a house for investment in Alanya – one of the most promising regions in Turkey. It’ll become your family’s lovely vacation home and bring you stable passive income.

Why Real Estate in Alanya is Your Ticket to a Better Life

Purchasing property in Alanya is looking wiser by the day. This Mediterranean gem has captured the hearts of people from the CIS, Europe, and beyond. Just imagine – stunning sea views, an always-comfortable climate (how does 15-20°C in November sound?), rich history, and welcoming locals.

You’ll also find quality English-language schools, healthcare, infrastructure, and more fresh produce than you can imagine.

Each Alanya neighborhood also has its own flair. For instance, Mahmutlar delights with affordable prices and expansive beaches. Incekum charms with natural beauty. Avsallar offers entertainment for all tastes.

Renting out your Alanya property could earn 9-15% returns in the first year. And resale could net 15-40% over your purchase price.

Profitable Real Estate Investment Strategies in Alanya

The two most common ways to profit from Alanya real estate are:

  • Renting houses
  • Resale for a higher price

Let’s explore both approaches.

Rental Business in Alanya

First, decide if you’ll offer short or long-term rentals. This affects the type, location, and condition of places to consider.

For apartment demand, keep several factors in mind:

  • Location and amenities
  • Comfort and complex facilities
  • View
  • Size and rooms
  • Beach proximity

For holiday homes, close beach or sightseeing access is ideal. Ensure cafes and restaurants are nearby – travelers don’t want to cook!

For long-term rentals, proximity to essentials like groceries, pharmacies, banks, schools, transport etc. is valued.

Regarding size, larger places rent less often. 1+1 and 2+1 apartments are most popular by far over larger units.

And don’t neglect the view! Alanya lies between the Mediterranean and the Taurus Mountains. Tenants want to enjoy the scenery, not stare at the next building.

One more tip: choose complexes with full amenities like concierge, pools, gyms, landscaping, recreation areas, parking etc. These make rentals more attractive.

On average, Alanya’s tourist season runs May-October. But sunny weather also draws visitors December-March when temperatures rarely dip below 15°C. Good apartments will always be in demand.

In numbers, rental yields range from 6-8%. First-line complexes can also bring 10-12% annually.

Resale Property in Alanya

For resale, average profit is around 10-15% of your investment. But in 2023, prices grew a record 29%! Those who bought years ago made a killing last year.

Expect this upward trend to continue – land is limited so prices keep rising. Great news for investors!

When choosing property, opt for complexes built in the last 10 years. Back then, construction standards improved dramatically.

Resale potential is best in established areas or those with new development planned. Without proper location, your unit could sit unsold for ages.

Getting Help Buying Alanya Property

Like any investment, Alanya real estate requires careful analysis. But the numbers show buying here as an investment pays off reasonably quickly. The experts at Turk.Estate can help you select profitable Mediterranean properties with strong income potential.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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