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Buying a new home is a super exciting time, wouldn’t you agree? You get a fresh start in a new place, you get to choose somewhere that suits you, and you generally get to find somewhere that you can fall in love with.

What is not to love about this process, and why do people insist on making it out to be a pain in the behind?

The short answer is that this happens because there is a lot of stress attached to buying a house, but there really doesn’t have to be.

As long as you are taking this seriously, and as long as you are keeping focused on what you want, there’s no need to stress. You probably don’t believe us though and we don’t blame you, but we’re going to spend the next little while proving it instead.

If you keep reading, you’ll find some of the things that you need to remember throughout this process, helping you to enjoy it, rather than fear it. 

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It’s A New Start

If you view moving house as a new start, then this is going to be an amazing thing for you. Whether you are hoping for a complete clean slate and you are changing everything about your life or it’s just going to be where you live, you deserve this fresh start.

Everyone deserves the chance to start over again if this is what they want, and a new place is the first stepping stone to letting this happen. 

When you are looking for homes, try to see them all for the blank canvas that they can be. Try not to see the home that it is at the moment, but the home that it could be for you if you would allow it to be. This isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but you’re looking for the potential, not what it is at the moment.

Put all other thoughts out of your mind when you’re conducting your search, and you will find a lot more opportunity if you do this.

Set Yourself A Budget

Another thing that we’re going to mention is that you have got to set yourself a budget, but even this can be exciting. We know that there are people out there who don’t find this exciting because they are worried about how much they have to spend, they’re worried that it’s not going to be enough to afford what they want and for a whole host of other reasons.

But, you’ve got to stop letting the negative thoughts take this process away from you, as there really is no need. You can’t change it anyway, so what’s the point in stressing about it and getting upset over it?

Instead of doing this, you need to sit down and look at the finances that you have available. What do you have in savings that you can use for a deposit?

Do you own the property that you live in now, and are you planning on selling this to help you afford a more expensive place?

These are questions that you have got to ask yourself and work out the answers to as soon as possible. You aren’t going to be able to start your search for somewhere to live if you’re not sure what you can afford, as this will only lead to disappointment.

Know What You Want From The Space

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Searching for what you want is going to be so much fun as you get to experience so many different houses and properties.

You will see so many different styles, so many different designs, and it’s so easy to get swept up in these things, but you’ve got to try your best not to.

We know that it’s difficult, trust us we know, but the best thing that you can do here is to set your expectations and wants from a home before you start your search. This way, you can tell straight away if a place isn’t suitable for you as it might be missing one of the things that you are not willing to compromise on.

If this is the case, then there’s no point even viewing the property, as you don’t want to fall in love with something you can’t have.

We mean that you should be considering things like how much space there is in the home, whether or not there is a garden, if you have a basement/attic and other key information like this. Everyone has their own preferences and needs when it comes to their home, and you shouldn’t settle for less.

Consider Where You Want To Live

Location is a massively important part of the process. You don’t want to be one of these silly people who end up looking at houses far away from where they actually want to live, or far away from where they need to be.

This is simply impractical, and it’s not going to do you any favors because you are likely going to find properties that you like that are not in a location that works for you.

For example, if you have a job in a new area, then there’s no point in looking at properties that are a two hour drive from there, is there? It might sound obvious, but you have no idea how many people do this before it dawns on them that the property is too far away, and then they’re sad about this.

For this reason, you need to seriously consider where you want to live. If you know that there is a specific area that you need to be in, make sure that you are doing your research on that area. If you’re not a fan, look a little further out at maybe the next town over or something, and see what it’s like there. 

If you don’t have any commitments, then it’s just going to be a case of choosing where you want to live. Do some research into different places, and figure out where you want to make your fresh start.

Think About The Future

You can’t just think about the right now when you are purchasing a new home, you’ve got to think about the future also.

For instance, if you’re planning on staying here for a long time, and we imagine you are because of the fact that you’re purchasing not renting, is there enough room for your long term plans? If not, is there room to extend your home if the time comes where this is necessary?

These are the kinds of things that you have gotta think about, or you could find yourself back on the housing market in a few years because your home isn’t suitable for you anymore.

As we mentioned above, it’s all about looking for the potential in the home. It can be so much fun to try and imagine a future in a place, and if you can’t see one, then this is not the home for you. Get creative in your mind, and this should help you determine whether or not a property is the right choice for you.

Understand There Are Other Fees To Pay

One mistake that a lot of people make, and it’s a mistake that causes a lot of stress during the buying process, is that they forget that there are other fees to pay apart from the cost of purchasing the house.

This is a massive shock to some people, but it shouldn’t be because it’s not exactly a secret. To avoid this additional stress, you should do your research into the different fees that you are going to need to pay during this process, because then you can get back to being excited rather than all stressed out.

An example is going to be the fact that you are going to need a conveyancing lawyer to handle the legal side of buying a house. They handle all of the paperwork and everything, and this doesn’t come cheap.

There are some more that you will need to pay, and we recommend keeping a list so that you can keep track. Make sure that you work these into your budget, and then it won’t be a hit when you have to make these payments. The more prepared you are, the more exciting you can keep the buying a home process, even if it’s expensive!

Well, there you have it. Those are our thoughts on buying a new house and the fact that it should be a super exciting time in your life.

If you’re not excited then you’re missing out on something that you are certainly going to regret missing out on when you look back in a few years.

Enjoy the time that you spend looking for a new property, even if it is a little bit stressful! You don’t want to be one of these people who misses the process because they are too focused on the end goal, not when life is all about the journey.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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