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Having a close friend breakup can feel as painful as losing a boyfriend.

Whether things ended slowly over time or abruptly due to an argument, it’s tough to say goodbye to someone who meant so much in your life.

But don’t worry, you can get through the heartache. 

Give Yourself Time to Be Sad

It’s perfectly okay to cry your eyes out and feel real down when losing your BFF.

After all, it’s like a romantic breakup but for your platonic relationship! Let all the sad, mad, and lonely feelings out, it will help you heal in the end.

Don’t rush through your grieving or think you “should be over it by now.” Giving your poor hurting heart time to adjust is important.

Talk to people you trust about what you’re going through if it will make you feel better.

Focus On You For A Bit

When that close friend walks out of your life, it leaves a big empty space that will take some adjusting to.

Resist filling the void right away by looking for another BFF.

Spend time getting reacquainted with your own wonderful self instead!

Rediscover hobbies you used to enjoy solo before y’all became the dynamic duo.

Pamper your body and soul with relaxing activities like reading, crafting, nature walks – whatever calms your nerves. Loving yourself is key right now.

Say Goodbye For Good

As hard as it is, trying to stay friends afterward will only hurt more in the long run.

An honest breakup chat where you both agree to cut all contact is needed for proper healing.

Block each other on social media so you aren’t tempted to snoop and feel worse. Don’t ask your mutual pals about them too.

Some distance and no contact helps give you closure to move on stronger.

Maybe one day down the road you both could be friends again if it feels right, but for now, a clean break is best.

Learn Life Lessons

While it stings looking back, try pulling some positives from this rough experience.

What important qualities did you admire in them? Were there any red flags you wish you noticed sooner in the relationship?

Any areas of yourself you aim to improve for future friendships? Reflect, but don’t beat yourself up – focus on growing wiser from what you learned.

Each connection, even if it didn’t last, shapes us to build better relationships ahead.

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Lean on Other Pals

Now is the time to strengthen your other close friendships more than ever before.

Bonding with buddies you can trust through fun activities or deep talks will do wonders for lifting your spirits.

Don’t go it alone when you’re feeling down either – share your feelings with pals who will understand and support you without judging.

A caring friend circle speeds healing more than isolating yourself. You don’t have to get through this alone!

Consider Outside Help Too

If it’s been a few months and sadness still overwhelms you regularly, seeking advice from a counselor may give your recovery an extra boost.

Though heartbreak feels very personal, a therapist listens without judgment to help you gain insight on your emotions. A

few sessions may provide fresh perspective and tools to process your grief in a healthy way. Your mental wellness is always important, and it’s okay to ask for help sometimes.

Give Yourself Time

Healing from a broken friendship isn’t a race, it’s a long journey. Be patient and gentle with yourself as wounds slowly scab over.

Some days will still hurt even weeks or months after the fact. That’s normal, so remember your worth isn’t defined by another person.

Good friendships come and go throughout our lives.

The pain will fade more each day until one day you wake up feeling at peace instead of heartbroken. You’ve got this!

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Take Care of Yourself Daily

Pampering yourself through quality self-care will hasten your recovery and ability to live well without that person.

Exercise regularly with walks outside or yoga classes to release feel-good endorphins. Make sleep and hydration a priority too.

Cook yourself cozy meals instead of stress eating. Journal emotions to unload heavy feelings and gain clarity. Practice gratitude for blessings still lighting your path. Nurture your healing mind, body and soul gently each day.

Cherish Memories Fondly

As time marches on, sharp sadness will soften into sweet nostalgia. Smile thinking of inside jokes, adventures you shared, and how they enriched your life while they were in it.

Focus on the light rather than darkness when reminiscing. Maybe you’ll laugh again remembering silly escapades or deep talks from days gone by.

Though the road splits here, nothing can steal away memories cementing your connection at its best.

Believe in New Beginnings

When darkness seems longest, have hope that dawn will surely come. Each loss makes room for new love to enter, whether through a future friend or simply embracing life fully without holding back.

Believe that beyond loneliness a blessing waits to nourish your kind and generous spirit all over again. And if solitude suits you for now, that’s perfectly okay too.

However your path unfolds, keep faith that it does indeed get easier – you’ve survived losses before, and you will thrive after this one too.

Nourish Future Friendships Wisely

Where one chapter closes, another begins unfolding. Recall what truly nourished your spirit in past bonds so future ones bloom even brighter.

Communicate needs clearly from the start and check-in on each other regularly to avoid growing apart or assuming hurtful things.

Forgive small mistakes but don’t accept repeated actions breaking trust or disrespecting boundaries.

Cherish all good friendships by appreciating each other fully for whoever’s companionship brings you most joy and growth as you walk this beautiful journey we call life.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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