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As the days get brighter and warmer, we’ll all be reaching for our favorite shades to protect our eyes and complete our warm-weather looks.

This summer, be prepared by adding some of 2024’s biggest sunglasses trends into your accessories arsenal.

The sunglasses frames coming down the runway and popping up in street style photos offer both timeless and trendy inspiration for your summer eyewear wardrobe.

Classic shapes get modern updates with bold colors, patterns, and embellishments, while other frames go full-on futuristic. From retro cat-eyes to tiny micros to sporty shields, the sunglasses this summer are seriously cool.

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Retro Styles

Think glamorous cat-eye shapes, round John Lennon-style frames, and small oval lenses. Retro sunglasses are trendy, cool, and will make you look like an old Hollywood starlet on vacation. Brands like Ray-Ban and Le Specs have lots of stylish throwback sunglasses to choose from.

Look for classic shapes from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. Cat-eye, round, oval, and square frames are all stylish vintage-inspired choices.

Make sure the frames are made of high-quality acetate or mixed materials for durability. For lenses, go for either mirrored or colored tint lenses to complete the retro vibe. We’re absolutely loving this retro-looking selection of sunglasses at Goodr.

Mirrored Lenses

Mirrored sunglasses lenses are coming back in a major way for summer 2024. These lenses have a flash mirror coating that reflects light.

Not only does this look super stylish, it also provides extra protection for your eyes on sunny days. Mirrored lenses come in fun pops of color like blue, purple, and pink.

Mirrored lenses give your sunglasses a sleek, futuristic appearance. The reflective coating cuts down on glare and hides your eyes. Luckily, brands have expanded mirrored lens options beyond basic silver. Now you can choose lenses in shades like cobalt blue, violet, gold, and rose pink.

Geometric Shapes

Hexagons, triangles, and shields are replacing traditional oval and rectangular frames. Geometric shapes make a statement and add some artsy flair to your summer style.

Brands like Dior and Prada have trendy sunnies with architectural shapes. Pair them with your favorite summer outfit for an on-trend look.

Geometric sunglasses are all about daring, artistic shapes instead of basic ovals. Choose frames with pronounced angles and distinct patterns like hexagons or diamonds.

These funky shapes will make your sunglasses stand out. Go for thick, bold plastic frames to balance out the angular look.

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Oversized Frames

When it comes to sunglasses, the bigger the better for summer 2024! Oversized sunglasses frames that cover a large portion of your face are timeless and look glam and stylish too.

Dramatic Jackie O-style frames or rounded John Lennon circles make a seriously stylish statement thanks to their glamorous large fit.

To style oversized sunglasses, opt for sleek, minimalist outfits in solid colors. This allows the sunglasses to take center stage as the focal point.

Pair them with flowing maxi dresses, slinky slip skirts, and strappy sandals.

Translucent Frames

Transparent and translucent frames are going to make sunglasses look extra cool this summer. These lenses have a colored transparent or frosted tint rather than being fully opaque.

The transparent trend gives sunglasses a futuristic, cutting-edge vibe.

Translucent sunglasses offer a lightweight, modern look thanks to their see-through frosted frames.

Some ways to wear the transparent sunglasses trend include:

  • Clear frames with iridescent mirror lenses
  • Frosted white frames for an ethereal vibe
  • Pastel pink or peach frames for feminine chicness
  • Futuristic angular frames in icy blues
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Colorful Lenses

Why stick to basic black lenses when you can rock neon pink or bold yellow? Sunglasses with brightly colored tint lenses are a huge trend this summer. Invest in colorful lenses with a glossy finish and retro shapes for a playful look. Pair them with bright, summery outfits in prints and patterns. The colorful sunnies will add a lively pop.

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