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You know spring is here when suddenly there are florals everywhere.

Florals make a big comeback when winter fades away and warmer weather arrives. It can feel like you can’t escape them.

But we’re here to explain why you won’t actually want to avoid the floral frenzy.

Read on to see why florals rule when spring is in bloom!

Florals Are a Classic Sign of Spring

Florals are one of the hallmarks of the new season, right up there with chirping birds and budding leaves. After months of dreary grays and blacks, those bright and cheerful floral prints feel refreshing.

We don’t know about you, but seeing florals everywhere just makes us happy after surviving the winter. It’s like an instant mood boost. Florals remind us winter is over and it’s time for some fun!

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Florals Lift Your Mood

Speaking of mood boosts, science shows that looking at flowers activates “feel good” parts of the brain. Makes sense, right?

Just gazing at those gorgeous blooms and vibrant colors gives you a rush of happiness. It’s like a shot of sunshine after the long, cold winter.

Suddenly we feel more optimistic when we slip on a floral dress or bouquet pillows around the house. It’s amazing how fast florals can lift your spirits.

Florals Bring Hope for New Beginnings

As everything springs back to life, florals represent feeling renewed and hopeful. Buds on trees and tulips sprouting up remind us of new possibilities ahead.

Florals bring that sense of anticipation and excitement that comes with a new season. After being stuck inside all winter, we feel ready for adventure and fun.

The floral designs we see everywhere capture that spirit of optimism.

Florals Let You Break Out of Your Fashion Rut

If you’re like us, you get so sick of your winter wardrobe by spring. Heavy sweaters and coats start to feel so blah. Florals are the perfect way to break out of that fashion rut.

Suddenly you can experiment with a whole new color palette and playful prints. Say goodbye to the blacks and grays—it’s time to embrace pink, yellow, light blue and fresh green.

The options feel endless. Florals let you overhaul your look and have fun again.

Florals Can Spruce Up Your Home Décor

Don’t stop at your closet! Florals can also revive your living spaces when you’re eager for change. Order a beautiful bunch of flowers from a Dubai flower delivery right to your door to freshen up any room.

Replace worn pillows with floral covers, roll out a flowery area rug, or paint an accent wall with a chic floral mural.

Displaying bright blooms around our home always gives us that “new year, new us” feeling. It’s an easy refresh that sets the stage for sunny days ahead.

Unique Takes on Florals Keep Things Interesting

Lest you think florals get boring, designers always reinvent the trend in exciting new ways. Maybe this year you’ll see artsy watercolor prints, larger-than-life abstract designs, or flowy floral lace patterns.

Trust us, today’s floral fashions go way beyond your grandma’s quilt. With so many modern options, you’ll never run out of fresh looks to try.

Florals Let You Show Off Your Unique Personal Style

Make florals work for your aesthetic. Love athleisure? Grab some floral leggings. Have an edgy style? Try a floral moto jacket.

Keep it simple with floral earrings. Go all out with a floral romper and accessories! However you want to do you, florals let you customize your look.

Florals Bring Warm Weather Memories to Life

When we see those bright springtime florals, we instantly envision all the fun of the coming months. Floral patio furniture and sundresses make us excited for picnics, beach days and summer parties.

We can already imagine the backyard BBQs and flower boxes overflowing with petunias. Florals spark our imagination about the sunny memories ahead. And they remind us to start planning the adventures we’ve been dreaming about all winter long.

Rocking Florals with Style This Spring

Want to refresh your look with florals this season? Here are our tips for doing it in stylish ways:

  • Layer a floral kimono jacket over jeans and a solid top for an easy weekend outfit.
  • Try an unexpected floral piece, like floral sneakers or a leather handbag with a floral print.
  • Stick to smaller blooms if you have a petite frame—giant florals can overwhelm your figure.
  • Mix different floral prints together, like pairing a floral skirt with a floral top. Just coordinate the color scheme.
  • Add floral accessories like earrings and headbands to pull any plain outfit together.
  • Splurge on a light floral coat you can wear now, and then later over dresses and shorts when it gets warmer.
This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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