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Fast fashion can be tempting.

But those who know the quality of high-end brands will always vouch for the brand they love the most. When it comes to women’s fashion brands, Acne Studio, and many such brands stand out of the box for their impeccable collection of designer clothes.

Quality is the prime thing that matters to most, and street-side fashion stores are not able to provide the quality people look for.

If you’re new to concept of luxury buying, you might wonder what is so special in the luxury brand that you don’t get on the high street. 

Here we highlight everything you need to need to know when buying luxury fashion.


Natural fabrics are life in branded clothes. The high price of the clothes is due to the quality of the fabrics used. You will always find high-end brands using high-quality materials like cotton and wool.

Though there are various types of cotton fabrics, you are sure to find a vast difference in the cotton fabric used in luxury brands like Acne Studio, then the store you are usually purchasing from.

For the design purpose luxury brands may use polyester or other materials, but that too is of excellent A-1 quality. You will always find these main differences in the material when you compare high-end brands to other local brands.

  • The material used is genuinely from original manufacturers
  • There is no compromise on the fabric used for designing
  • The color of the fabric is also permanent and not easily faded

Construction or stitch

The stitch quality depends on how the fabric pieces are sewed together. In local brands, you will find the seam stitched in a very inappropriate manner.

Always look at the inside of a stitch if it is neatly sewed or not. For quality, check to stretch the fabric along with the stitch and notice whether the light passes through it. If the stitches are tight and do not allow light to pass, it is a sign of high-quality stitching.

Also, look for the loose ends-, you will never see a loose thread hanging from the fabric of a branded garment from Acne Studios. Check out things you must look for finding a good stitched fabric.

  • The stitch of the fabric must be tight, and the thread used must be of good quality.
  • The inside stitch of the fabric must be neatly sealed
  • There must not be any loose thread hanging out of the stitch.

Manufacturing place

Always lookout for the tag that says, ‘made in’. Purchase the product made from the US, UK, Italy, Spain, and France. If the tag says imported, it likely means it is manufactured using cheap labour.


One of the clearest signs of great luxury in clothing and accessories alike is the brand. If you are keen to make your wardrobe look much more luxurious, you should always carefully consider the brand. If you are looking at watches, that means something like Patek Philippe watches. With the right branding, there is going to be no doubt that you are wearing a luxury item.

Bottom Line

Purchasing from a luxury brand like Acne Studio makes a vast difference in the quality of the product as it stays as it is for a long duration in your wardrobe. Other local brands fail to offer such high quality. Therefore, people whose priority list tops the quality will always shop at high-end luxury brands.


This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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