Polls: Kitty Ice!


I am now the proud owner of a Hello Kitty by Kimora Lee Simmons pendant. Merry Christmas to me! Being a Hello Kitty fan since I was a little girl, I’ve never been able to resist her button nose, round face and signature bow. In my childhood, I’ve owned pencil cases, stuffed animals and wallets, and have even been tempted to buy humidifiers and toasters as long as her irresistibly adorable face is emblazoned on them. (Yes, I’m a helpless pushover for all things cute).

It wasn’t until recently though that scary glamazon + fashion mogul, Kimora Lee Simmons, teamed with Sanrio to make wearing Hello Kitty in public kosher for adults. With her high-end jewelry collection, you can find intricately designed Hello Kitty pieces covered in pave diamonds, with rose and yellow gold detailing and onyx stones for eyes. Definitely not for everyone given the over-the-top cutsiness and hefty price tag (pieces ranging from $350-$10,000!).

But for those of you who aren’t afraid of unleashing your inner child and who have a healthy obsession with this fave feline, it’s going to be hard to pass up the cutest bling you’ve ever laid eyes on.

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