Gossip Girl Has A Major Impact On Fashion

Apparently the fashion on Gossip Girl has a big influence on its viewers and trends. Tell us something we don’t know. Our interview with Abigail Lorick (her designs were featured in season 1) and our declaration of love for Leighton Meesters (and Jenny Humphrey’s) sense style have been among our popular posts.

But what is it about the outfits on the show that’s captured the hearts of fashion lovers? Is it because there has been a void in our lives since Sex and the City ended?

We would say “probably but it’s not just the ladies fashion that has us gripped. We can’t help but love the mens fashion too. Actually when we say “men we mean “Chuck Bass. Really….who else could pull off shorts and knee high argyle socks?

Seriously…who else? The only person that springs to mind has got to be Andre 3000. Can you think of anyone?


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