Estee Lauder’s Revelation Creme

Truth be told, I’d like to think I’m not getting noticeably older. So in the past, I have tried to avoid the creams that claim to fight those dreading signs of ageing that we like to pretend never happen. This is not to say that I do not look after my skin, because I do. But this also does not mean that I am a sucker for such anti-ageing products. Afterall, I’m going to get crow’s feet no matter what, aren’t I?

Estee Lauder’s Revelation moisturiser is one of these ‘age-resisting’ cream’s, suggesting that it will brighten and clarify the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

And the results? Well like I say, I’m in denial and like to think that these ‘fine lines’ don’t even exist! However after prolonged use, skin was definitely silky smooth and a duller, matte complexion was replaced with a fresher vibrancy. And hey, maybe I’m even preventing the emerging  lines from surfacing! Could I be converting..?

The product suggests using both at day and night, however I found that because the lotion was so rich, I benefitted from applying only at night, while using a lighter moisturiser in the morning. Not only did this mean that my skin did not become reliant upon the cream, but the small (and pricey), tub lasts that bit longer.

I started this entry very against anti-ageing products… and now I find I am eating my words. I would defintitely buy Revelation again, but at £27.50 a pop, I might have to acknowledge those fine lines first…

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