Bruno: The Movie is the fashion film of the year

So last year there was Sex And The City, and right now we get our weekly fix of Gossip Girl and Stylista. But we want something more! Thankfully, Sacha Baron Cohen aka Borat/Ali G, has come to our rescue in his new guise as fashion reporter Bruno. The film hit the headlines during the Milan and Paris Spring/Summer 09 catwalks back in October 2008, as Bruno ran riot round the fashion weeks. One incident included him sucking on tampons during the Stella McCartney show and making a general nuisance of himself, as well as storming the Iceberg catwalk and sneaking into the backstage areas with fake passes dressed in a Velcro jumpsuit. These antics split the fashion world, some brandishing it a disgrace whilst others seeing the funny side.

I personally saw the funny side. And knowing how mad the fashion world can be at times will enjoy a satirical play on it. And now the wait is almost over, as the trailer for the sure-fire hit of the summer has been released.

To give you a little bit more of an insight. Bruno is a gay Austrian fashion reporter. He is as flamboyant as you would hope and is attempting to ‘crack’ America. His catchphrase is ‘Vassap’ and has adopted his own African baby named O.J.

The film will be released on 10th July, and this may just be the first fashion film your boyfriend will actually enjoy. Fabulous darling!


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