Gisele could become the world’s first billionaire supermodel

When the Forbes annual supermodel rich list was announced not so long ago, Gisele Bundchen came out trumps above the rest in the biggest bank balance stakes – which she has done for seven years in a row now – but it seems Forbes have taken their recent findings one step further.

Forbes have actually claimed Gisele could be “the world’s first billionaire supermodel” and “the first Brazilian female self-made billionaire,” soley based on the model’s assets and earnings, which are impressive, but not to this crazy extent.

Reports of Gisele’s earnings are just that: reports. They remain unconfirmed by Gisele and her people, with much of it guessed by Forbes reporters themselves.

In 2008 Gisele told GQ magazine Forbes had wildly overestimated her salary, as she hadn’t made any of her earnings public, reports The Cut.

But even if her earnings have been exaggerated slightly, the woman’s still a wealthy millionaire, after all.

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