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Just when you thought Gisele couldn’t be any more of an all-round super – model, hero, mum – she’s finally revealed one redeeming factor: even she has difficulties being a working mum.

The world’s highest paid supermodel has a one-year-old son with husband Tom Brady, but after a recent trip to San Paulo to unveil her new collection for Brazilian lingerie label Hope, she confessed flying isn’t as easy as it once used to be.

“We really do love to travel, but being parents, we travel less now then we have in the past,” she said. “It’s definitely more challenging travelling with a child.”

Not content with earning $45 million last year, Gisele’s latest venture is only set to make her empire grow – if anyone can sell panties its Gisele, after all – and her hectic schedule is something she’s having to learn to juggle.

“We are constantly coordinating our daily schedules to make sure we have some family time every day,” she told People. “There is nothing more rewarding then to come home and see them after a long day of work. As his mom, I think everything Benjamin does is cute.”

As for her and Tom? “Sometimes we have date nights, sometimes we have hikes together. The most important thing, I think, is to find the time to be with each other. We cherish the time we have together.”

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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