An open letter to Gisele re: your perfectness


Dear Gisele,

Just where do you get off being so God damn perfect all the time, huh?

Look at you, posing there with your perfect pose, your perfect slight-smile, your perfect ponytail and your perfect perfection.

We get it. You’re a Goddess. You’re insanely, inhumanely beautiful. But do you really have to make us mere mortals melt into a pot of imperfect tea (we bet you make the best tea, too)?

We didn’t need convincing any further of your power to be the prettiest thing ever. But you had to go and prove yourself one step further, didn’t you, in that gorgeous Oscar de la Renta dress.

Look at it, shimmering on you with its embroidered embellished pattern. Look at the way it slinks down your slim frame with a little flared kick at the feet that says, “look, I’m a little bit flirty, too!”. Look at that pretty pink belt tied around your waist like the best present ever wanting to be unwrapped.

Do you ever tire of being so beautiful? Doesn’t it get boring? Because, you know, we can happily take over.

Yours sincerely,


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