Is Matthieu Blazy Martin Margiela’s successor?

After fashion designer Martin Margiela retired from his namesake label, his successor was never announced – until now, that is.

It appeared Margiela enjoyed keeping the air of mystery alive when it came to naming his replacement, but the good old bloggers over at Fashin noticed the current LinkedIn profile of Matthieu Blazy listed his current occupation as “Head Designer Couture and Artistinale Line – Maison Martin Margiela.”

As well as that, the profile also indicated Blazy has held the Head Designer position at Margiela for five months now, reports The Cut.

We’re pretty astonished no one has come across this information sooner, and that it was revealed on LinkedIn, of all places. And ok, so you do have to question the authenticity of this page, but we reckon it’s a pretty good fit.

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