How many suitcases does Rachel Zoe need for Paris?

Apparently Rachel Zoe doesn’t take too well to packing lightly, if this picture of her poor hubby pulling along a whole trailer of luggage on arrival in Paris is anything to go by.

Paris Fashion Week does, of course, require a more discerning approach to packing, but 11 bags and suitcases and two Louis Vuitton duffel bags for one week’s stay in the city is excessive by anyone’s standards.

“Final stop..Paris via Eurostar train..@rbermanus is hating me right now..xoRZ,” Zoe tweeted at the weekend.

Yes, let’s look at Berman, who through gritted teeth is probably wishing he didn’t marry a super-stylist-cum-designer right now.

Still, just think of all the outfits in there! The ridiculously high heels! The fierce faux fur! We’ll recap just what she assembled from her baggage soon.


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