Victoria Beckham to design for Lord Alan Sugar?

We bet you never thought you’d see that headline, but it’s true: Victoria Beckham has been asked to design a suit for Lord Alan Sugar after he messaged the singer-turned-designer on Twitter.

“@victoriabeckham can you design a suit for me to wear in the house of lords? might catch on,” he wrote to Mrs Beckham yesterday.

We hope that Lord Sugar’s request was genuine and Victoria Beckham does indeed oblige, because we’d love to see the end result.

If she agrees to make a bespoke suit for Lord Sugar, it would mark her first foray into menswear, and if her design is as well received as her previous womenswear mainline and diffusion collections have been, we could potentially see her branch out even further and expand the ever-growing Victoria Beckham empire.

We wait with baited breath for her to reply. We could be getting a little ahead of ourselves here, but we are predicting her hubby David Beckham could be the spokesmodel for the potential menswear collection… what do you think?


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