5 reasons why we love the iPhone 5

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Fashion accessories aren’t strictly limited to handbags and bling you know. As you may be aware, we regularly like to embrace our inner geek, (blame Glee and The Big Bang Theory for making it totally cool again!) and this morning we’ve decided to declare our newfound love for the best accessory out there: the good old iPhone 5!

To celebrate the iPhone 5 and its general awesomeness, we decided to give you five of the best reasons (see what we did there?) why you need the new model of the ultimate smartphone in your life. So without further ado, here goes:

1. It’s perfect for the fashion blogger. The camera is the best yet, boasting a panorama capture mode which will prove great for Fashion Week and capturing absolutely every detail at every angle. And as the operating system is faster and slicker than ever, you’ll be able to upload those pics quicker than anyone else!

2. Not only is it great for fashion bloggers, but fashionistas in general will love it. The bigger screen means you see all those clothes on the celebs or on websites (when you’re browsing for your newest wardrobe additions, naturally) in crystal clear definition, making your other technological products more or less redundant.

3. There are lots of great accessories to buy for it. Whether you want something cute and quirky like a Zooey Deschanel approved phone case with bunny rabbit ears and a tail, or something more chic and sophisticated, you’re bound to find pieces to cater to your tastes. Think of it as the ultimate fashion accessory and colour co-ordinate it with your outfit for the maximum wow factor!

4. It’s thinner, sleeker and sexier than ever! No need to carry round laptops, netbooks, iPads etc taking up unnecessary room in your bag – it’s all you need and it fits in even the tiniest of clutches perfectly. Now you have more room for more important things such as additional lipstick colours and maybe even an extra pair of heels… you know, just in case!

5. It’s great for social media and business with apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Cardmuncher and many more. It’s also great for getting around with apps like Get Taxi and Hail-o – no more hobbling around trying to hail a taxi! Plus Google maps is better and more advanced than ever, meaning it’s never been easier to navigate your way around town.

This was a tough list to narrow down… we could think of hundreds more reasons, but we’ll let you figure out the rest!

iPhone5 available at Carphone Warehouse


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