Kate Middleton gets a fringe!

Stop all press – the Duchess of Cambridge has done something dramatically different with her hair, and we feel the whole world needs to know about it at once!

Kate Middleton has had the same old (albeit gorgeous) mid-length brown barnet for as long as we can remember, but she’s gone for a change by adding a very on-trend fringe to her luscious locks. We don’t know where you stand, but we are totally in the “pro fringe” camp.

It’s not quite as dramatic as a blunt fringe, but it’s still short and striking enough to get people talking! We personally reckon this is a distraction technique to divert the attention from her belly, as those pregnancy rumours are still very much in circulation.

We also have to say that we adore the green Mulberry dress Kate donned as well; she has worn it before but pics were few and far between back then so it’s nice to see her rock it in all its green glory.

Do you like Kate’s new do?

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