We’ve found the perfect pair of tailored jeans….!


Ladies, we know that shopping for jeans is easier said than done. It’s a long, arduous, time consuming task, but at the end of your seemingly never-ending stint in the cramped, sweaty changing room with dodgy lighting you do, more often than not, come out with a nice pair of jeans to take home and call your own.

So with that all too familiar nightmare in mind, we understand that shopping online for jeans can be a bit daunting (because what are the chances of that perfect pair of jeans being just one click away?) but we reckon we’ve found the perfect pair of blue jeans that will fit, suit and flatter most girls instantly. They’re not a figment of our over-active imagination… they are in fact the cute tailored fit jeans from Katies that you see above.

Darker jeans are instantly more flattering, and we think these are a gorgeous versatile colour that will not only complement most body shapes, but go with virtually any top. We love the length at the bottom too, as it means you can slip them into a sexy pair of leather boots when there’s a chill in the air, or copy the picture and wear them with a cute, comfy pair of summery wedges. Or go bold and wear them with sky-high sparkly platform shoes for drinks with the girls.

Can you imagine yourself gliding around the office or in a fancy cocktail bar in those badboys? Because we can – hence why we’ve added them to our shopping basket and are counting down the days until they arrive on our doorstep.

You’ll look and feel fabulous in these jeans, so snap them up right now before they sell out.

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