Lotto from The National Lottery gets a lucrative new makeover


Brand new spring/summer 2014 trends aren't the only new things we have to look forward to this autumn, oh no. Lotto from The National Lottery is getting a serious makeover, and we are pretty excited about all the fun, new (and most importantly: lucrative) changes that are being made to the nation’s favourite game. Get excited… as tickets go on sale October 3rd with two big launch events to follow on the 5th and the 12th October to mark these changes to the Lotto in style!

At £2 per line, the new Lotto will offer more ways to win larger amounts of money, including a new Lotto raffle (where at least 50 winners will scoop a guaranteed £20,000) bigger prizes for matching three numbers ( it used to be £10 but it’s now going up to £25 – sweet!) and bigger jackpots (the average Saturday jackpot will increase to around £5 million and the Wednesday jackpot will increase to around £2.5 million.)
Do you have pound signs in your eyes already? Although the prizes have changed playing the game is just as simple as ever. Players still choose six numbers out of 49 either by picking the numbers themselves or opting for a Lucky Dip. However, from October 3rd, players purchasing a Lotto ticket will get an individual raffle number printed at the bottom of their ticket and stand the chance of winning 50 guaranteed prizes of £20,000. Imagine the things you could get for £20,000…
It's not all about "things" though – the new Lotto will also be contributing to crucial The National Lottery good causes all over the UK.
What would you do with the money if you won? We would hotfoot it straight to our favourite London department stores and have a field day in the respective shoes and handbags departments. Christian Louboutins – check! Louis Vuitton handbag – check check! And then of course we would book a luxury holiday so we could showcase our new designer threads and unwind – after all, carrying all those shopping bags around can be pretty tiring!
Send us a tweet or comment below to let us know what you would buy with the money.

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