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We’ve all been there – you return from your holiday feeling refreshed, but your burnt, dried-out, blemished skin seems anything but.

It’s hardly surprising, when you think about it, that several weeks of intense sun, increased drinking and apartment air con will begin to take its toll on your skin.

But you’ll be pleased to hear there is a solution to get that post-break body back to perfect again, and it lies with Biotherm.

Biotherm, a leading skincare specialist for over 50 years, has found the answer that jet-setters worldwide have been searching for: the Biotherm Travel Recharge.

The first global skincare solution for folks that like to travel, Biotherm’s Travel Recharge works to instantly reduce the signs of dehydration and fatigue with its intense recovery system that protects skin from the multiple stresses it faces in-flight.

Fusing next-gen ingredients like Rhodiola Rosea plant extract to help lessen the impact of environmental stresses on the skin with the intense nourishing qualities of Himalayan Pink Salt and Mint extract to boost well-being, Travel Recharge finishes with Biotherm’s super-charged Pure Thermal Plankton extract to make it the must-have recovery product for people on the go.

What’s more, it’s lightweight, 30ml tube makes it the perfect carry-on cream – and it’s available for guys as well as girls.

Sound good? You can pick up Biotherm’s Travel Recharge at all duty free shops and airports – and for those of you that like your tech, you can download the iPhone app, Travel Coach, for exclusive travel tips and updates.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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