H&M is a let down for the fashion-oriented man. Literally, two levels of the Chinatown H&M in Washington DC are chock full of womenswear while a few men’s jackets, a couple ties, and some dress shirts and pants are sadly squared away in some nook and cranny on the second floor. Thankfully, the Swedish retailer is looking to propel their men’s fashion to a similar plateau as their womenswear with the launch of a capsule collection.

To appeal more to the fashion sensibilities of this boychick era, the collection will feature imaginative tailoring on suits and varied cuts on trousers, from cropped and skinny to boot cut. And in keeping with this persistent need among men to always embellish their necklines with cravats and the like, H&M’s design team are using the scarf as a starting point to mould outfits and looks.

From what I’ve read, I like the new direction H&M is heading towards and I’m eager to see what they conjure up. Hopefully, this latest impetus to stimulate the shopping experience of men doesn’t lose steam as it often has in the past. The first collection will be available in thirty stores worldwide from mid-September.

Images courtesy of H&M

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  1. thats amazing to see that they’re taking the chic male more seriously. My only issue with the store is the quality of the garments. The stuff may be fabulous, but if after a couple of wears the items lose their luster, what the point in shopping there in the first place?

  2. i am yet to have a full body H&M experience..have a couple of clothing items from the store but nothing significant, the new male chic ideas look pretty good, although i see them as nothing really different from other male designs out there..
    BUT due to the second latest H&M store in the states being in my city now..i will definitely be a frequent visitor to the store..

  3. It’s about time H&M started appealing to their male audience a bit more… I was getting quite tired of shopping in their with my boyfriend only to be hounded 5 min. later because he wasn’t able to find anything amongst the slim pickings. The emphasis on fresh, clean lines accented with scarves and the like definitely pushes H&M in a more positive direction with the men… I must, however, agree with Keesean in terms of the quality. My boyfriend bought a suit, wore it a couple of times and was forced to place it in retirement due to loose threads and soon-to-be holes. Let’s face it, H&M is reasonably priced, but they’re not dirt cheap… I’d expect better quality

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